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About British Putting


British Putting is a new organisation dedicated to promote the game of putting. Putting is that aspect of the game of golf – a game within a game - that can be enjoyed by all ages and both sexes irrespective of their ability or experience of golf



Everyone is able to putt, with most golfers who have ever played the game probably having experienced golf on municipal putting greens, seaside crazy golf courses, pitch and putt courses and other putting greens, and it is the vision of British Putting that if more people can be encouraged to putt, more people can be encouraged to then progress to the full game.  

Since the very first games of golf were played, putting has been a game within a game, sometimes frustrating, often challenging, and finally, very satisfying as the ball drops into the hole, but essentially, putting can be a very enjoyable indoor or outdoor game for all the family to enjoy.  For existing golfers to play with novices, perhaps introducing their children or grandchildren to the great game of golf.

One of the cornerstones of British Putting will be the staging of the country’s first British Open Putting Championship, which will be open to everyone.  All golf facilities registered with British Putting will be staging a qualifying competition, the winners of which will go to County Finals around the country.  County final winners will be invited to compete in the 72-hole national final, which will be held at Basildon Golf Course, Essex, on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd September 2016.

British Putting has been founded by PGA Professional Colin Jenkins, Jerry Kilby and Rohan Barnett.

Colin said :


"I believe many golf facilities under-utilise their putting greens and these assets can be used to generate new participants to the game.  At my own facility, Basildon Golf Course in Essex, we will be opening what I think may be the largest putting green in the UK, a 1.5 acre, 36 hole putting green, which will be a place for members, visitors and their families and friends to come and have fun, whatever your level of golf skill may be.  We are delighted that we will be hosting the very first British Open Putting Championship in September this year at Basildon."

Jerry Kilby added:


“Like many other golfers, I played my first game of golf on a municipal putting green and it is the vision of British Putting to encourage golf facilities to use their numerous and varied putting greens to good effect, and encourage more non-golfers to our facilities.”
“The golf facility only needs to register with British Putting and invest a little time and effort to see positive results very quickly” he continued.  “We will provide ideas, help, advice and case studies to golf facility owners, managers and operators who want to generate new visitors to their facilities and with perhaps 5,000 putting greens of all shapes and sizes around Great Britain, and we know that these can be used to welcome a significant number of new people into our game.”

Rohan Barnett is also enthusiastic:


“As a gender neutral sport, we genuinely offer everyone the chance to play together, whatever their age and ability. Putting events will transform the fortunes of many clubs’ food and drink business and it gives golf operators the chance to boost custom at times of their choosing.”